Money Can't Buy Happinsess.
But Financial Freedom
Has a Priceless View!

Golf and Your Money Videos

Club vs Swing

Club Vs Swing

Practice Who Has Time

Drive For Show And Putt For Dough

Risk And Reward

Avoiding The Hazards

Cart Or Caddie

Your Favorite Club

The Club Vs The Swing

Don’t Forget Your Short Game

Play From The Right Set Of Tees

Improving Your Short Game


Black Blue White Or Gold

Course Management

Fair Weather Golfer

New Grips

Getting On In Regulation

Your Wealth Must Reside Somewhere!

Your wealth must reside somewhere! It must have a permanent place of residence. You must own, control, and have use your money, or you haven’t built any wealth, you just stashed some money away. About 90 % of Americans keep their wealth in either taxable, unavailable, and/or volatile residences that limit what you can do with their money. If what you thought was true about your money, wasn’t true about your money, when would you want to know? I first heard this question from Don Blanton, a fine southern gentleman with a distinct southern Georgia drawl, and I’ve been unable to “unhear” it, since.