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High School Stages

High School Stage, 9th & 10th Graders




  • Are you right now more concerned with the success of your student’s high school career but know you need to start thinking about what to do to better prepare for college? 

  • Are you starting to get information from your student’s school about ‘best classes for college’ or start thinking about the ‘pre’ tests?
  • Are you wondering how your student can make the most out of their high school days to have the best experience and still get into a good college?

Why College Planning is a Good Idea in This Stage?


  • Did you know that most parents rely on college guidance counselors for advice on college admissions?  This isn’t a bad thing, but how many students can your guidance counselor serve? 

  • Have you ever wondered why the only seminars being held to gain college information is from the college itself?  Perhaps they have a biased agenda? 

  • Did you know that there are things to do at each stage that can make a big impact on college acceptance as well as how financial aid is determined?

*free tuition credits earned through qualified college planners at participating universities

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Your Wealth Must Reside Somewhere!

Your wealth must reside somewhere! It must have a permanent place of residence. You must own, control, and have use your money, or you haven’t built any wealth, you just stashed some money away. About 90 % of Americans keep their wealth in either taxable, unavailable, and/or volatile residences that limit what you can do with their money. If what you thought was true about your money, wasn’t true about your money, when would you want to know? I first heard this question from Don Blanton, a fine southern gentleman with a distinct southern Georgia drawl, and I’ve been unable to “unhear” it, since.